Ashiqur Rahman

Ashiqur Rahman

Secretary of Office
Department of Arabic
Phone: +8801969341160

The name Ashiqur Rahman is assimilated and related to the kind of people who dream full of their eyes and work so hard. He is both a student and a young researcher as well as a social worker and working as a dedicated volunteer. He is studying in Arabic language and literature at Dhaka University which is considered as the best university and educational institution in Bangladesh.

He is working as a Secretary of Office in “Dhaka University Research Society (DURS)” which is the first student-based research organization in Bangladesh and its slogan or motto is “Research for a Better World”. It is working to reach its motto and doing several kinds of seminars, conferences, research workshops, panel discussion and arranging FGD at both national and international level to fulfill the SDG made by the UN. He also creates social awareness and research necessity with this organization more about in 1,000 students.

He attended as an international delegate in the seminar named “Sampreeti Sanglap’ held in Vidyasagar University, India in September 2019. He interacted with the international young peoples, shared his experience and opinion there with them. As a young researcher, He presented his research paper in the “International Conference on 100 Years of International Relation” held in Jadavpur University, India. The title of his research paper was, “Perception of Youth on Influence of Information Communication and Technology in Bilateral Business Relation between Bangladesh and India”. He also joined in the summit of “One-day international scholars summit conference on democracy and society in South Asia” at Kazi Nazrul University, India.

He is also working as the founder secretary in the Social and Educative Organization to remove the poverty, terrorism and all kinds of discrimination with the young generation of Bangladesh. Except all of these, he is working as a LCPL in Bangladesh National Cadet Core, to serve as volunteer support at critical national situation. He believes that, if the young generation can give their total effort then they can create a beautiful and peaceful world.

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