Essential Training in Data Analysis with R

Essential Training in Data Analysis with R

About this Course

You will learn to analyze data using R through live classes. After this course, you will have a firm foundation on R programming. You will also be able to present your data in many different graphical ways. By the end of this course, you will develop enough experience in using the R language, principles, and tools that will empower you to deal with any type of data no matter how big it’s volume is.

What will you learn

  1. Installing R and RStudio
  2. References and Getting Help from R
  3. Some Basics to Get Started
  4. Input and Output
    • Entering Data from Keyboard
    •  Importing Data from External Files
    •  Exporting Data to External Files
  5. Data Structures
    • Vector
    •  Factor
    •  List
    • Matrix
    • Data Frame
  6. Probability and Statistics
    • Basic Statistics
    • Some Probability Distributions
    • Hypothesis Testing
  7. Graphs and Plots
    • Scatter Plot
    • Bar Chart
    • Box Plot
    • Histogram
    • Graphing Functions
  8. Linear Regression and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Course Timeline

Registration Deadline: 7th May 2020

Class Starts: 9th May 2020

Class Time: Each Saturday and Tuesday at 3.00 pm.

Class Duration: 40 minutes

Registration Fee: 100 BDT only

Participant Limit: 100 max. 

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