What is DURS?

Dhaka University Research Society (DURS) is a student based research organization of the University of Dhaka. It is the first organization which facilitates the students to be engaged in research work in Bangladesh. It has about five hundred members divided into 19 research team. The organization arranges weekly & monthly training sessions on research methodology for young researchers. At present, fifteen research projects are on the move with 200 young researches. Teachers of Dhaka University are supervising the nineteen research teams with their research. Foreign researchers, research scholars of foreign universities, former students of Dhaka University (established in research and development sectors), and research fellows of different research institutes of Dhaka University are resource persons of the organization. It has an executive committee to operate the organization, nineteen team coordinators to adopt research proposals, and a research development manager to look after the research projects. This organization consists of members from students of undergraduate (1st to 4th Year), Masters, MPhil and PhD researchers of different faculties and institutes of University of Dhaka.

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